Monday, November 23, 2009

Colombian Paramilitary Targets Youth from Slum- Explanation

Human rights activists, social workers and Cazuca residents explain the context in which the paramilitary targets youth through what is known in Colombia as social cleansing.
Producer, writer, camera and editor: Ingrid Rojas
Reported with Nadja Drost in Colombia July 2009.
Special thanks to Ahmsa, Milton Garzon, Corporacion Infancia y Desarrollo, ACNUR, Lilia Solano, Proyecto Justicia y Vida, Fernando Escobar, Personeria de Soacha, and Ernesto Rojas.

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Gato Pro said...

Hello Ingrid, I'm also a Colombian filmmaker, I saw your videos on the "Social Cleansing" it's horrifying to see things like this taking place in Colombia.
I'm also in the process to put together a documentary about "Falsos Positivos" in Colombia, you can take a look at a video of this project here:
Right now we are looking for funds and/or donations to shoot this film.

Congratulations on your project.

Viviana Madronero
Gato Productions, LLC